LMM Student Writing Boxes

Lucy Maud Montgomery Writing Boxes

With memories of Lucy Maud Montgomery and Anne of Green Gables,

The writing box will be created for teachers to use in the classroom, but the letter-writing stories will come from all over the world. The postcards will be mailed to the Norval Post Office, via the Lucy Maud Montgomery Norval Museum. Each student who sends a postcard will receive a postcard back. The postcards will be kept in binders at the Museum for future visitors to read.

We plan to encourage each school to host an Anne of Green Gables Day! Children dressed in period costume will serve raspberry cordial and schools will hold contests to engage their students: spelling and speaking contests, best Anne of Green Gables era costume, storytelling, etc. We plan to host an Anne of Green Gables Day at Norval Children's Garden of the Senses.

Our primary target is Halton Schools.  Each school in Halton Hills/Halton Region will receive a letter writing box. On the postcard provided, children can draw a picture, write or print a story and mail it to the Norval Post Office, Lucy Maud Montgomery Museum,  P.O. Box # 1 Norval, Ontario LOP 1KO.

Eventually, the letter writing campaign will be available to the rest of Canada and the world. The stamps from countries around the world will be an educational tool for now and into the future.

Children Age - 4-8  Pre- Kindergarten  to Grade 3

Children Age - 9-12 Grade 4- Grade 7

Writing Box Items

  • 1.       Story Book featuring a story about Norval and Lucy Maud Montgomery - size 8.5” X 5.5”) Booklet created by Mark Rowe.

    2.       Book mark  -  Canada 150

    3.       Pencils - Anne of Green Gables

    4.       Stickers – Canada

    5.       Pins – Canada 

    6.       Anne of Green Gables Colouring sheets

    7.       Postcards - Mailing Address: Norval Manse Museum, P.O. Box 1,  Norval, Ontario LOP 1K0

    8.       Canada Flags

**Writing Boxes will be on sale to the public at for $10/box.