Ted Yao

 Norval Plein Air 2020
 Ted Yao

Ted Yao

Artist statement Sept 5, 2020

Ted Yao is a retired lawyer whose first love is plein air watercolour, having cycled through oil, acrylic, pastels, relief printmaking, urban sketching, portrait painting and huge theatre sets.  There is no end to art!  His current interest is pen and ink drawing, supported by simple watercolour washes, of which this Norval scene is the latest.  Ted has exhibited in Arizona and Toronto as well as at a show of GTA plein air artists at the McMichael Gallery.  He admires Honoré Daumier, John Singer Sargent and the internet teacher Alex Hillkurtz.

Pond on west side of Winston Churchill just north of Embleton side road
Lucy Maud Montgomery Manse - side

Contact info:

Ted Yao
84 Munro Blvd
Toronto, ON   M2P1C4
Cell 647-707-7348