Sherry Dehsarvi

 Norval Plein Air 2020

Shahrzad Dehsarvi

Shahrzad Dehsarvi is a Burlington-based Artist with a desire to capture Canadian subjects and the Art of the Feminine. She garners her name, Shahrzad, from the Heroine of 1001 Nights - a strong and yet Divinely Feminine character, whose essence she channels into her artwork. Shahrzad pursued Science during most of her Academic life, obtaining a Masters Degree in Physiology and going on to be a Professor. Yet, her true Love has always been drawing and painting, including capturing the portraits of her Physiology Professors while in class. After Shahrzad faced several life battles, including being a Cancer Survivor, she turned back to Art to Heal her and express her journey. She studied Fine Arts at Sheridan College from 2012 to 2016 to re-immerse herself. Since then, fifty of her paintings have been showcased at Queen Elizabeth Community and Cultural Centre in Oakville and MacMaster Innovation Park for several months and Art Gallery of Burlington. She continues to sell her paintings and post cards through these Art Galleries and shows. As a new resident of Burlington, she knew her first item of business was to become a member of Burlington Art Gallery, and she is overjoyed to be part of this community.