Dechen Yee

A little about my art

I started sketching in the spring of 2021 after not having picked up a pencil since my childhood!

I have always enjoyed painting and drawing as a child but that got laid by the wayside once school, building a career and raising a family became priorities.

Now that my daughter is finishing University soon and I am happily retired, I can indulge in interests and hobbies which I did not have time for before.

I am mostly self-taught as an artist and attribute the artistic gene to my late beloved Dad, who also had a green thumb, which I have had the good fortune of inheriting.

I recently combined my love of drawing and writing to publish my first short book! It was a labour of love and wonderful learning experience into the world of self-publishing.

I look forward to growing my art and writing skills in the years ahead...


Garden Wall  - Plein Air September 11, 2021

 Bunny Book Cover